Now that you’ve gotten your college degree, many paths are open to you.  Some choose to go directly into their careers, some go straight to grad school, and others take gap year(s) to give themselves time to breathe and figure out their next steps.  Regardless of what you choose to do, there are resources available to you to help you every step of the way.

Graduate School

Are You Ready for Graduate School? – Going back for a Masters or PhD is a serious investment, and where college is an excellent time for exploration and self-discovery, it’s better to have a solid plan when you’re looking for a degree past your bachelors.  The Princeton Review provides some questions you should ask yourself before tackling these demanding programs.

4 Tips for Choosing a Grad School – Selecting a grad school is a different experience than selecting a college, though there are some similarities.  The Princeton Review provides 4 tips to keep in mind before making your final choices.

Graduate School Programs – A comprehensive web search for various grad schools and grad school programs across the country.  You can refine your search by school, location, program, and more.

Entering the Workforce

Career Coach – Want to get more information about your return on investment for your college degree? When you have a career vision, you’re more likely to complete your program of study on time and succeed in your career. Career Coach helps you refine your vision. This online service uses comprehensive labor market data to help you find career pathways matching your strengths and discover programs at Mesa Community College preparing you for success.

Potential Careers for Your Major – The University of New Hampshire has an extensive list that maps out different career fields, employers who hire from those career fields, and strategies towards entering those fields broken down for most majors that colleges offer.  The list is very comprehensive and helps you determine what you can pursue with your degree.