It is never too early to start planning for your post-secondary destination. Junior High is an important time to create a foundation of success to help you get closer to your dream college. It is also a time for students to prepare themselves for their high school experience. 

Each year carries its own important milestones and deadlines. Below is a list of some vital milestones that students should strive to reach. The Access Center is able to provide assistance with any questions you might have regarding the topics below:

  • Challenge Yourself: Register for Honors classes in core academic subjects if possible. Post-secondary institutions look for students who are taking and doing well in rigorous courses.
  • Get Involved: Volunteer with various in-school and community based organizations. Volunteer experience will help you to explore different career sectors as well as provide you with valuable learning experiences. Remember, more does not necessarily mean better; colleges like to see you find your passion and pursue it.
  • Communicate: Talk to your counselors, parents, and Mesa Counts on College advisors about your plans and goals. It is important that they know so that they can help and support you.  
  • Explore: Take career interest quizzes and various electives to explore different career sectors of interest. Visit the Mesa Community College Career Coach site.
  • Find Success: Work hard to achieve and maintain good grades to qualify for more rigorous courses in high school.  
  • Utilize Resources: Visit the Mesa Counts on College Access Center to participate in workshops and meet with college advisors that can answer questions and help you with preparing for post-secondary enrollment.