Even as an adult, you can still go to college and receive your degree.  Regardless of your starting point, or if you stopped for a time, going back to school takes effort and some guidance.  Below are a few links that give tips and pointers about returning to school, whether you’re going for the first time as an adult or wanting to return to finish your degree.

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Is the GED Enough to Get Me into College? – Many people take their GED and go directly into the workforce, but you always have the option of going to college.  LearningPath.org gives some insight in the difference between applying with a high school diploma and a GED.

Tips for Returning to College After Taking Time Off – There are numerous reasons as to why students might drop out of college.  However, there are steps that you can take to get back in.  Study.com provides some tips that you can follow when you’re ready to finish your college degree.

Tips on Getting Back Into College Once You’ve Failed Out – Just because college didn’t work out for you during the first attempt doesn’t mean that it should be your last.  The Seattle PI offers some tips for getting yourself back together and into your school after flunking out.