Transferring is typically a two part process for a majority of Universities, consisting of admissions and advising. During the admissions process, coursework will be evaluated for transfer eligibility, and during the advising process, the coursework is evaluated for applicability. Because transfer requirements differ among institutions, it’s important to become aware of your prospective university or college’s policies and procedures. The requirements that differ can include but are not limited to:

• The maximum amount of hours that can be applied towards a degree

• The minimum GPA required for admissions

• The minimum amount of earned hours required to be considered a transfer

• The policy in calculating GPA for admissions

• Additional requirements for entrance into specific majors[1]

Transferring Pathways: The essential components of a community college education consist of the AGEC (Arizona General Education Curriculum) and an Associate’s Degree. Upon successful completion of both, a student can transfer to a college or university. Most of Arizona’s transfer pathways include the AGEC and an Associate’s Degree. For more information about specific transfer pathways, refer to:

AGEC: The Arizona General Education Curriculum, or AGEC, is a common general educational core structure agreed upon by Arizona public community colleges and universities. Comprised of 35-37 semester hours of general education course work, the AGEC has three forms. The ACEC-A, or liberal arts and humanities pathway consists of lower division course work required for students who begin and plan on continuing a humanities and liberal arts based course plan upon transferring. The ACEC-B pathway option is for students who plan on pursuing business oriented majors. AGEC-S is an option for students planning on pursuing majors that require a more rigorous math and science pathway. For more information regarding the AGEC and its applications, refer to: and

ASSOCIATES’ DEGREE: In addition to the core requirements of the AGEC, to transfer to the university, an associate’s degree must be earned. There are several types of associate’s degrees in Arizona, earned after completing at least 60 credit hours of required courses at a community college. For more information on associate’s degree pathways, refer to:

Five Things to Know If You Plan on Transferring from a Community College:  This article from offers some tips to keep in mind when transferring from community college to a 4-year university.  From choosing courses to application deadlines, they cover the highlights of things you need to be aware of when aiming for  your Bachelor’s Degree.